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PJ27 Encounter

CLOSED : 2020-06-02 00:00:00
Perijove on : 2020-06-02 10:19 UT
About This Round
Juno continues to approach and depart from perijove on the nightside of the planet, so we begin and end this sequence again with lightning search images. We will image Io to look for any erupting plumes (volcanoes erupt on Io all the time, but with Juno's unique vantage point we see new eruptions at higher latitudes than are available to earth-based telescopes). The perijove latitude on Jupiter continues to move northward, improving our resolution of the turbulent cloud structures at high northern latitudes and our view of the north circumpolar cyclones.
Perijove Predict Map
About Perijove Predict Maps

Every perijove pass we have the challenge of predicting where Points of Interest will be as the different zones of the planet have different wind velocities. This map shows our effort to rotate the latitudinal zones with their different wind speeds to predict what will be under the Juno groundtrack.

Winner Selection
With some new settings we are able to image Jupiter with the methane filter without getting the annoying artifact in the images, so we are now pushing the images to lower latitudes to find the bounds at which the artifact re-appears.


Voting has closed for this round. Winners are still being selected by the Mission Juno Team. Please Check back soon!

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  1. comment by Reich-40 on 2020-05-29 00:46 UT

    This is pretty interesting stuff. I knew there were a lot of things that NASA was doing that you could access from their website but it's done far better than I expected.