Jovian Moons [ID: 1]

There are at least 63 jovian moons! The largest four moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, are called the Galilean satellites because they were discovered by Galileo. We do not get close to them because Juno is in a polar orbit, but occasionally the spacecraft is close enough for images to be worthwhile. For example at PJ17 we imaged a volcanic plume erupting from Io!


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  1. comment by Ovruch-79 on 2023-05-24 10:58 UT

    IO is the third largest jupiter moon

  2. comment by Massimocalvani-58 on 2023-05-24 10:44 UT

    Jovian moons are mind-blowing! They orbit around Jupiter, and there are so many of them. Some, like Europa and Ganymede, might even have water and potential for life! It's crazy to think about the diversity and possibilities in our own solar system. Exploring these moons could unlock secrets about our own origins and the potential for extraterrestrial life. Jovian moons are like hidden gems waiting to be discovered, and they make me super excited about the wonders of space!

  3. comment by Syed-Murtaza-Rizvi on 2023-04-18 16:34 UT

    But I found an Image of Europa int he data set and it was very crisp and worthy. I have worked on it and it turned out to be amazing, In my opinion at least