Jovian Moons [ID: 1]

There are at least 63 jovian moons! The largest four moons, Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, are called the Galilean satellites because they were discovered by Galileo. We do not get close to them because Juno is in a polar orbit, but occasionally the spacecraft is close enough for images to be worthwhile. For example at PJ17 we imaged a volcanic plume erupting from Io!


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  1. comment by Andrew-R-Brown on 2024-03-10 19:54 UT

    Any chance of Stellar Reference Camera images of Io? Was radiation noise a problem?

    Will there be any Thebe & / or Amalthea passes possible & / or an orbital change at apojove to allow a close Callisto encounter?

    Thank You.

  2. comment by Ercolani-35 on 2024-02-22 16:57 UT

    Did Juno data also helped shaping the perspective of subsequent projects like Europe Clipper (that is expected to reach the Jovian system in 2030)? Thank you

  3. comment by Michael_Ferrer on 2023-12-10 21:37 UT

    It is possible for Juno to encounter any of the 4 very small inner moons of Jupiter like Amalthea and Thebe during any Perijove? Maybe just like asteroids that are relatively pristine samples of the early solar system, maybe the inner moons contain clue on how Jupiter and the rocky solar system bodies formed. And we will be able to confirm the relationships between the 4 and Jupiter's faint rings.