PJ51 images report

By Philosophia-47 on 2023-06-13 UT

Here is our regular report on the images taken at PJ51.  The highlight was the closest pass yet past Io, giving JunoCam's best images of it so far.  As the spacecraft was turned to view Io, there was a gap in the inbound coverage of Jupiter, but enough images were taken to give a map of most of the planet.  There was a fine view of the north polar cyclones, and views of the haze bands at the terminator over high northern latitudes, then Juno passed onto the night side.  

The report is attached here as a PDF, with miniatures of the figures.  The full-size figures will be attached in a subsequent Comment (and all of this will also be posted on the BAA Jupiter Section web pages as usual).

--John Rogers. 


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  1. comment by Philosophia-47 AUTHOR on 2023-07-13 19:48 UT

    Here are the full-size figures for the PJ51 report.