PJ1 images

By Candy on 2017-09-28 UT

John and Gerald have identified the atmospheric features imaged by JunoCam.  This is a timeframe that Jupiter is too close to the sun for amateur astronomers to observe, so we collected a lengthy series of low resolution images with JunoCam dubbed "the marble movie" to provide context for closest approach.



  1. comment by Maquet-80 on 2018-01-25 04:08 UT

    This illumination-adjusted and gamma-stretched version of #6171 shows a candidate for a mesoscale wave train in Perijove-01. Due to the lossy compression, this interpretation may be ambiguous.

  2. comment by Maquet-80 on 2018-01-25 03:56 UT

    JunoCam possibly observed subtle haze features pretty close to the north pole, within the northern CPC polygon.

    The attached image is a reprojected version of #6163, illumination adjusted with a 6th degree polynomial over the cosines of solar incidence and emission angle, averaged from a gamma=0.5 and gamma=4.0 enhanced version, then rotated to an approximately vertical terminator, 3/4 of vertical bins subtracted, hipass filtered, and brightness-stretched in a nonlinear way, cropped and annotated.