PJ4 image 104: Turbulence, hot spot (enhanced)

2019-09-30 22:09 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL-Caltech / SwRI / MSSS / Björn Jónsson © cc nc sa
Submitted By : Bjorn_Jonsson
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 4
Source Image(s) : JNCE_2017033_04C00104_V01

An image processed from the raw PJ4_104 image framelets. The contrast and color has been greatly exaggerated; the contrast was relatively low in the original image data. The processing parameters (for example amount of contrast stretch) differ for different parts of the image depending on the brightness and contrast of the original image data. This is a very high resolution image, the resolution is about 3 km/pixel near the center of the image.