Epona riding a horse - PJ34-46

2022-12-27 03:54 UT
Credit : NASA/SwRI/MSSS/Navaneeth Krishnan S © cc by
Submitted By : Navaneeth_Krishnan_S
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 34
Source Image(s) : JNCE_2021159_34C00046_V01

Parts of the Northern circumpolar cyclones on Jupiter resemble Epona riding a horse. Epona is a Celtic goddess associated with horses, fertility, and sovereignty. In Celtic mythology, Epona is often depicted as a woman riding a horse or surrounded by horses.

This false-color image, created using raw image data from Junocam (PJ34-46), looks like an art piece. Taken by Junocam on 2021-06-08 at an altitude of 27,686km above the cloud tops, it showcases the intricate details and beauty of Jupiter's cyclonic landscape