The high northern domains at PJ41

2022-04-14 18:39 UT
Credit : NASA / JPL / SwRI / MSSS / John Rogers © cc by
Submitted By : Philosophia-47
Mission Phase : PERIJOVE 41

In the high northern latitudes, PJ41 images show two notable anticyclonic ovals: one or both of these are probably features that we described in our just-posted report on these domains (on the BAA Jupiter Section web site). One is the largest AWO in the N5 domain, which has been tracked for at least 3 years. The other is an unexpected reddish oval ('Little Red Spot'), probably in the N3 domain; I wonder if it could be the AWO that moved from the N3 to the N2 domain in 2021? Ground-based images will be needed to track it. --John Rogers.