Rings [ID: 2]

Saturn may have the most famous rings but Jupiter has some too. Jupiter’s rings are best imaged when looking towards the sun because of the way small particles scatter light. This is a familiar process that allows us for example to see dust hanging in the air when we look at the beam of light from a projector.


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  1. comment by Chen Jiageng-18 on 2023-08-14 00:50 UT

    icy dust rings

  2. comment by Neckar-51 on 2023-05-24 11:00 UT

    saturn rings are icy

  3. comment by Neujmina-41 on 2023-05-24 10:58 UT

    a disc or ring, orbiting an astronomical object, that is composed of solid material such as dust and moonlets, and is a common component of satellite systems around giant planets