2020-07-25 12:25 UT
Ch4 data. Imaged Jupiter July 25th in good seeing. Of course this was the night of PJ28 but the track of JUNO would have been over the F limb. Have nice depth of resolved detail from pole to pole and limb to limb at all wavelengths. I note a tiny bluish spot on in the NNTZ on the edge of the NPR midway between the F limb and CM. Quite intricate structure is resolved in the NEB with a line of four prominent dark features associated with festoons extending into the EZ. There is very intricate detail resolved in a thin band along EZ SEB border particularly well seen in 685nm IR and R data. The GRS chimney doesn't seem as open as it has been and circulation is seen within the GRS. The disturbed region of the SEB immediatly following the GRS is very well resolved. A bluish spot precedes the GRS below and to the P side in the STZ. Oval BA is very well resolved, it does seem to be fading somewhat and the structure of the material following Oval BA is well seen. Several v small compact dark spots are resolved below Oval BA in the SSTZ.
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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