2020-11-06 08:56 UT
685nm IR data. Imaged Jupiter November 6th in good seeing, have most excellent depth of resolved detail from limb to limb & pole to pole at all wavelengths. Io + shadow are in transit. I note multiple resolved bright spots in the NPR very near the pole. I note a prominent small dark oval near the CM on the Southern edge of the NPR. A small bright oval is well resolved in the NNTeB midway between the F limb and CM with a very well resolved series of five compact dark spots resolved below it. Very fine and quite intricate structure is resolved in the NEB. The reddish colour of most of the EZ is apparent in the RGB while the G and particularly the B channels well show the extent of the shading across the EZ. The disturbed region following the GRS is well seen as is circulation within the GRS with AWO-STZ seen on the Northern edge of the STB below the GRS. A series of three bright ovals consisting of A5, A4 & A3 are resolved in the SSTeB.
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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