2020-11-01 09:07 UT
685nm IR data. Imaged Jupiter November 1st in interesting conditions. Jupiter was waving like a flag in a force 10 gale but even so there was a reasonable level of detail within this movement. I thought about deleting the raw data prior to the attempt at stacking but was amazed at the job AutoStakkert did with so much movement within the data. Two prominent dark features are well resolved on the Southern edge of the NEB. The GRS is well resolved as is the disturbed region following it. Oval BA is resolved with STZ-AWO trailing the GRS on the edge of the STrB. Four bright ovals are resolved in the STeB including, from the F limb, A4, A3, A2 and A1 with S4-LRS-1 toward the P limb in the SPR.
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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