2020-10-31 09:14 UT
B channel data.Imaged Jupiter October 31st in mostly good seeing. I note a diffuse bright oval on the Southern edge of the NPR toward the P limb. Quite intricate structure is resolved throughout the NEB with three dark features spaced along it’s Southern edge associated with festoons in the EZ. The reddish colouring over a significant portion of the EZ is very apparent in the RGB data. The G and B data in particular show most of the EZ as being shaded with only a thin strip of the EZ along it’s border with the SEB being it’s normal lighter colour. The SEB has very thin bands containing very fine structure along both it’s Northern and Southern edges. Several faint spots are seen to be rotating in from the F limb within the STZ. A small bright oval is resolved in the SSTeB near the CM
Observed by
Isaac Newton-08
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