Rings [ID: 2]

Saturn may have the most famous rings but Jupiter has some too. Jupiter’s rings are best imaged when looking towards the sun because of the way small particles scatter light. This is a familiar process that allows us for example to see dust hanging in the air when we look at the beam of light from a projector.


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  1. comment by BrianSwift on 2019-07-24 01:23 UT

    Ring were successfully imaged back on PJ03 from JNCE_2016346_03R00112, https://www.missionjuno.swri.edu/junocam/processing?id=2576

    What is the source of the above image?

  2. comment by Sirrah-43 on 2019-05-12 21:28 UT

    I am not sure that many people are aware of the fact that Jupiter has rings, and I believe that this would be one of the important pictures to take given the opportunity.

  3. comment by bzznzo on 2019-04-22 15:57 UT

    crossing my fingers for ideal lighting conditions and geometry!